Woodhouse... The Philosophy:
An open mind and ear for good jazz, regardless of style: from traditional or modern, to pop and blues. The Woodhouse team always strives for new ideas to widen the spectrum of their music!

Woodhouse...The Benefits
Woodhouse Jazz - the best way to restimulate the joy of life.

Woodhouse...The Facts:
Jazz since 4 decades, more than one thousand national and international appearances, LP and CD recordings. Appearances at numerous festivals, an radio and television shows, and concert engagements.

Woodhouse...The Musicians:
Hinderik Leeuwe - trumpet, fluegelhorn
Waldemar Kowalski - clarinet, ts&as
Horst Janssen - trombone, Management
Georg „Schorsch“ Derks - piano
Michael Schoeneich- bass

Rolf Drese - drums, Arrangements

Woodhouse...The repertoire:
Traditional titles by Louis Armstrong, Bobby Hacket, Fats Waller and others. Compositions from swing era by Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Coleman Hawkins, Benny Carter and Benny Goodman - presented either with a trio, quartet or with the full band and a Big Band touch.

The repertoire is rounded off with Evergreens ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Frank Sinatra, and with Samba and Bossa Nova.